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Amalfi Coast: UNESCO Heritage

“The Amalfi coast is located along the Tyrrhenian coast of southern Italy, just south of Naples. It is an area of great natural beauty, characterised by terraces for the cultivation of vineyards and orchards and by towns of great architectural and artistic value, including Amalfi and Ravello.

The area of the Unesco site includes twelve municipalities and multiple historical-artistic testimonies that represent the identity of its origins: from the Roman villas of Minori and Positano of the 1st century AD. to the mediaeval public and private architecture, from the precious goldsmith and handicraft artefacts kept in churches and museums, to the naturalistic wonders of the Valle dei Mulini and the majolica domes of Vietri, the emblem of a world-famous ceramic craftsmanship. Everywhere the lemon gardens, which throughout the year punctuate the dark green of the foliage on the sides of the mountain with yellow, which falls towards the sea and merges with the colours of the water, which along this coast change continuously between the blue, the 'indigo, the emerald. The Amalfi Coast is a wonderful example of a Mediterranean landscape with extraordinary natural and cultural value.”


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