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Sorrento Lemon P.G.I.

“The Protected Geographical Indication "Limone di Sorrento" refers to the fruits of the "Massese" lemon cultivar, also known in the literature as "Limone di Massa" and "Ovale di Sorrento", produced exclusively in the area of the Sorrento peninsula. It is a medium-large lemon (weight of each fruit not less than 85 grams), elliptical in shape and with a particularly succulent straw-yellow pulp and whose juice is characterised by high acidity and rich in vitamin C and mineral salts . The peel, of a beautiful citrine yellow colour, is of medium thickness and is very fragrant due to the rich presence in essential oils. These peculiar qualitative characteristics make the "Limone di Sorrento" PGI a product of excellence for its category, both for the fresh lemon market and for the production of the famous "limoncello", an infusion of lemon peels immersed in very pure alcohol, which in this area of origin it has found its international consecration.”

Agriculture Department

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