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The Melannurca from Campania

“The Protected Geographical Indication "Melannurca Campana" refers to one of the best known and most appreciated Italian apple varieties by consumers: the Annurca. In fact, defined as the "queen of apples", the Annurca has always been known above all for the marked quality of its fruit, with a crunchy, compact, white, pleasantly acidulous and juicy pulp, with a characteristic aroma and very fine perfume, a real treat for the connoisseurs. The fruit is medium-small, flattened-round, slightly asymmetrical, with a short and weak petiole. The skin, smooth, waxy, moderately rusty in the peduncle cavity, is yellow-green in colour, with red streaks on about 60-70% of the surface when fully ripe, the percentage of overcolouring reaching 80-90% after period of redness on the ground. The "Melannurca Campana" PGI has always claimed healthy virtues: highly nutritious due to the high content of vitamins (B1, B2, PP and C) and minerals (potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese), rich in fibre, regulates intestinal functions , it is diuretic, particularly suitable for children and the elderly, it is often indicated in the diets of the sick and in particular of diabetics. Also due to the exceptional acid/sugar ratio, its organoleptic qualities cannot be found in other apple varieties."

Agriculture Department

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